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Southern Hose is a regionally based wholesaler of hose and couplings, established in 1986. As an independent, family owned and operated company we are not aligned or restricted to any one hose manufacturer. Rather, we are agents for many fine manufacturers. This allows us to compare their products, picking and choosing those items which best represent quality and value for money.

We have long been a strong supporter of Australian Made products – in preference to imports. Apart from the obvious employment and economic benefits for Australians, practical experience has shown us that because Australian Made hoses are manufactured to suit our unique environment, they invariably offer better durability, UV resistance & life expectancy.

Our major warehouse is located in Queanbeyan, NSW – home to Canberra’s transport services. With this infrastructure on our doorstep, we are able to offer same day service within roughly 100km radius – and overnight service within a 500km radius.

As a wholesaler, our primary focus is on supporting our network of distributors with exceptional customer service.